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Huamei International School has been selected in the Guangzhou First Batch of the Internationalized Education Window School Cult
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Huamei International School has beenselected in the Guangzhou First Batch of the Internationalized Education WindowSchool Cultivation Unit.


Recently, Guangzhou Municipal EducationBureau has released list of the Guangzhou First Batch of the InternationalizedEducation Window School Cultivation Unit. This list aims to select primary andsecondary schools with outstanding international elements in campus environmentconstruction and cultural construction, rich experience in international exchangesand cooperation between teachers and students, and solid foundation of high-qualityeducation, and cultivate and create these schools into the window schools forinternationalized education in Guangzhou, according to the "ImplementationPlan for The Creation of Internationalized Education Window Schools inGuangzhou (Trial)".


After the evaluation and selection, a totalof 20 schools (including 19 primary and secondary schools and 1 secondaryvocational school) were selected. Huamei School is one of the 20 schools andwill keep working on the development of the Internationalized education withChinese culture foundation.

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Add : Guangzhou Huamei International School,No. 23, Huamei Road,  Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China 510520
Tel : 0086-20-87210178/87210585
E-Mail: hbic@huameiis.com
Website : http://www.centrodeemergencia.com



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