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Guangzhou Huamei School ranked 9th in 2021 Forbes China-Outstanding International Schools Annual Selection
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May 18th, Forbes posted on theofficial wechat account “Forbes_China” that Guangzhou Huamei InternationalSchool ranked 9th in 2021 Forbes China and 1st in theSouth of China.


Headquartered in New York City, ForbesMagazine is well known for the listings and rankings it provides, with aforward-looking, uncompromising spirit, a clear and concise view, eclectic andanti-traditional characteristics, and market-influencing forces. ForbesMagazine currently has a Shanghai office in Shanghai, China.


This year is the first year for Forbes todabble in the field of education rankings. "The number of internationalschools and Sino-foreign cooperative international curriculum programs in Chinahas grown rapidly, and there are now more than 800 international schools inChina. Behind the prosperity, the international school industry ecology hasalso become complex and diverse. At the same time as tuition fees are rising,some international schools also have phenomena such as uneven teaching qualityand unclear rights and responsibilities of school running mechanisms. In theface of many international schools, how should parents choose?


Therefore, Forbes hopes to re-examineChina's huge and complex international school market with the attitude of"choosing an international school for children from the perspective ofventure capital" and a reliable "school selection guide" forparents.


So please check it out and let thePrincipal Rocky to show you around the campus!

Live Streaming link:


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