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Huamei awarded the “Outstanding Contribution Institution Award for the 40th Anniversary of Private Education in Guangdong Provin
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On December 11th, the Guangdong ProvincialPrivate Education Association and the Guangdong Education Equipment IndustryAssociation jointly held a forum entitled "Endeavoring a New Era, WorkingTogether to Create the Future - Education and Educational Equipment for theFuture" at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Hall. Zhao Kang, president of theGuangdong Provincial Private Education Association, Liu Qiang, chief researcherof the Education Equipment Research and Development Center of the Ministry ofEducation, Lin Xijiang, director of the Guangdong Education Equipment Center,leaders and members of the two associations, principals of private schools andtraining institutions throughout the province, educational experts andscholars, and representatives of the education equipment business communityparticipated in the forum.


Huamei International School was awarded “OutstandingContribution Institution Award for the 40th Anniversary of Private Education inGuangdong Province”, and Principal Xiong Jia was awarded the "OutstandingContribution Individual Award for The 40th Anniversary of Private Education inGuangdong Province"

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