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Huamei Kindergarten officially obtained IB authorization for the PYP
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On January 6th, 2020, a memorable day in the history of Guangzhou Huamei International School (HMIS), IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) Global Headquarters sent a letter to congratulate Huamei Kindergarten on officially obtaining IB authorization for the PYP and becoming an IB World School. This is a glorious milestone. With three years of preparation and unremitting efforts, Huamei kindergarten received the most satisfactory reward. Starting from the beginning of 2020, we will be embarking on a new journey and stepping onto a new stage in international education!

Three Years of IB Authorization Journey, 1095 Days of Efforts
To become an authorized IB World School you must go through a very strict but helpful visit and verification by IBO. Only when the mission statement, educational concept, organizational structure, faculty, ATL, ATT, school facilities and curriculum system are fully in line with the project PYP standards and practical requirements can the authorization be obtained. It usually takes 2-4 years for a candidate school to be authorized. It can be said that the project is extremely arduous and complex. Over the past three years (i.e., 1095 days, 26280 hours), we have been preparing all the way.

About IB
IBO is an International educational foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and founded in 1968. It is a non-profit foundation registered by UNESCO, and it is the world's recognized leader in international education. IB PYP is designed for students aged from 3 to 12. Due to the strict inspection and authorization standards and procedures, there are only 170 IB schools in China, among which 90 for PYP. In Guangzhou, there are 10 PYP schools or kindergartens.

IB PYP Journey in HMIS
? Became an Interested School in IB programme in March 2016
?Officially became an IB Candidate School in July 2016
?Received IB Consultation Visit in November 2018
?Received IB Verification Visit in October 2019
?Was authorized to be an IB World School in January 2020

IB Verification Visit
On October 30th and 31st of 2019, Ms. Rachna Johar and Ms. Hui Tang, the officers of IBO, conducted a two-day visit and evaluation in HMIS. They interviewed representatives of different groups within our learning community, reviewed documents and observed learning and teaching activities, until they had a comprehensive understanding of the three-year actions taken by the kindergarten since the IB PYP was implemented. At the feedback meeting, the officers fully affirmed and highly praised the development and achievements of our school's PYP.

The three-year action is the curriculum reform based on the positioning and development plan of the kindergarten. It is our process of integrating and optimizing the curriculum based on the National Curriculum “The Guide” (The Guide of 3-6 Years Old Children Learning and Development) and the IB curriculum philosophies and framework. We have always been pragmatic and persistent. We kept to the bottom line of the development of the kindergarten and took a firm pace of innovation and development.

It is of great significance to the kindergarten to successfully become the IB PYP World School. It is also the new starting point towards international education. We will continue to uphold the mission of “preparing our children to adapt for the changing future”, with the educational goal of “helping our children to lay a foundation for becoming healthy and rich-minded global citizens”. We will make every effort to provide the best quality education for more children.


We would thank all the faculty and staff of the kindergarten for their persistence and dedication. Thanks also go to the leaders of the school and every member of the learning community for their strong support for the IB PYP. As entering the development stage after authorization, we will stick to our original intention and move forward! Together and forever we are creating a better future!

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