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School Founding Period (1993 - 1994)

Guangzhou Huamei International School wasfounded in 1993 by the Lifelong Honorary Principal- Ms. Xiong Jia, Mr. ZhangKeqiang, Mr. Liu Sha, Mr. Chen Jinglong and Mr. Ye Liqiang. The classrooms wererent and there were only 89 students of two grades.  


ScaleDevelopment Period (1995 - 1999)

In 1995, Huamei school moved to a newcampus and rapidly developed into a well-known private boarding school in 1999,offering K-12 education to 2000 students.

QualityTake-off Period (2000- 2015)

The 21st century brought Huamei into steadydevelopment period. We made a lot of widely-recognized achievements ofeducation features and teaching quality and thus became the first Provincial –level private school in Guangdong province. 


Quality Take-off Period 2016... (2016 onwards)

In 2016, Huamei School started its secondstage of reform and development under the leadership of the School Board and the second Principal Mr. Chen Feng to pursue a new Huamei dream.

New Round Reform and Development Period.

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Add : Guangzhou Huamei International School,No. 23, Huamei Road,  Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China 510520
Tel : 0086-20-87210178/87210585
E-Mail: hbic@huameiis.com
Website : http://www.centrodeemergencia.com



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