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Huamei School, located in the education core area of Tianhe district, Huamei road, covering 16 area, was founded by a group of returned overseas Chinese scholars. 

◆The first Provincial-level school, Demo School Operated by Laws which accredited by Ministry of Education of the P.R. China, and A-level achiever in Guangdong General High School Teaching Level Evaluation.

◆More than 3300students, 660 teaching and administrative staffs in which over 50 international teachers, and nearly 20 teachers received diploma overseas.

◆Within 24 years, wehave more than 3500 students admitted by universities and colleges home andabroad.

◆In 2012, we are the only one school honored to be visited by the Canadian Prime Minister.

◆Huamei-Bond International College, an offshore high school which is accredited by and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada; Cambridge EnglishSchool; AP Program membership school accredited by the College Board, AmericanGriggs International Academy curriculum leading school , IB candidate school (Kindergarten )

◆Guangzhou Chinese language education base’ and the ‘Joint Talent Training Base’ established in close cooperation with the college of Chinese, JiNan University Huawen College.

◆The school has extensive cooperation with quality educational institutes all over the world,based on signed agreement with them from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, HongKong, Spain, Germany, Indonesia, etc.

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Add : Guangzhou Huamei International School,No. 23, Huamei Road,  Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China 510520
Tel : 0086-20-87210178/87210585
E-Mail: hbic@huameiis.com
Website : http://www.centrodeemergencia.com



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